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University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Taylor Jarrett

Robert Gilchrist

Jaquan Ashley

Why Cardio?

Types of Cardio

Positive Effects


The Full Story

We are a group of Kinesiology students at The University of Nevada, Las vegas that are dedicated to providing general information about cardiovascular exercise. 

Our goal is to inform the viewers of the website why you should choose to incorporate cardio into your workout, the different types of cardio, and its benefits. 

Greetings! Did you know that sitting around all day will in fact dramatically increase your chance of heart disease as you age? This website is here to tell you that cardio exercise is a light and easy way to maintain health throughout one’s life. According to surveys conducted by the Center of disease control along with the ACSM and AHA less than one third of Americans meet the required minimal exercise requirements. This requirement being as little as 30 minutes of activity per day. Now even on busy days this looks attainable and of course if you absolutely cannot make it on one day it’s easy to extend your workout or work a little longer on another day. Remember, it is never too late to start. One little step at a time and eventually your running!

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